Start-Up Coaching

You're tired of worrying every month if your business income exceeds your business expenses. The cyclical nature of work has you working either all the time or never. You are ready to explore alternatives.

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Leverage Coaching

You're ready to bring on a team, and want to find and hire the best people for your company. You're ready to earn more and work less, while providing the excellence your company is known for.

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Surround yourself with like-minded business owners to leverage further, brainstorm, share best practices, and support each other.

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Since 1993

Your Blue Collar Coach

Coaching for no-nonsense-get-er-done type entrepreneurs, who have stalled their business growth and feel tapped out. Blue Collar Coaching meets them where they are to support them as they grow both their businesses and themselves.

If any of these resonate with you, Blue Collar Coaching is for you:

  • Does your partner complain that you work too much?
  • Do your children wonder when you will be home and jump you for attention the moment you walk in?
  • Do you often have less money than you'd like?
  • At the end of the day, is there not enough time for you to get all the things accomplished that you wanted?
  • Are you wondering if having your own business is worth it?

If you struggle to keep up with all aspects of your business--serving, finding clients, back office tasks--and want to grow, but have no idea what next steps to take, Blue Collar Coaching can help!

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